April 23, 2018

CER Research

China Economic Review offers research and advisory services to companies and organisations looking to better understand the Chinese economy and its impact on their business.

We use our expertise to provide solutions for both firms with operations within China, and foreign firms wanting to be informed on the current climate and trends.

What we can do for you: 

  • Custom briefings, newsletters and updates on China’s economy and business
  • Research reports, both macro and micro, for financial industry clients
  • Special reports on companies and industries
  • Custom due diligence reports for companies
  • Finding target companies for investment or M&A

CER Research combines exhaustive grassroots research with sophisticated financial analysis. With over 25 years’ experience researching and analysing China’s economic landscape, CER has an unmatched capacity to help clients navigate the complex Chinese marketplace. 

Please contact us for details at timothy.ang@chinaeconomicreview.com