December 01, 2023
Make China work for your business

China Economic Review offers research and advisory services to companies and organisations looking to better understand the Chinese economy and its impact on their business. 

We use our expertise to provide solutions for both firms with operations within China, and foreign firms wanting to be informed on the current climate and trends.

What we can do for you

  • Custom briefings, newsletters and updates on China’s economy and business
  • Research reports, both macro and micro, for financial industry clients
  • China and international market entry strategy
  • Custom due diligence reports for companies
  • M&A and investment advisory services

CER Research combines exhaustive grassroots research with sophisticated financial analysis. With over 25 years’ experience researching and analysing China’s economic landscape, CER has an unmatched capacity to help clients navigate the complex Chinese marketplace.


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China’s economy is full of surprises, and firms doing business here often don’t know where to look to stay in the loop.

Our free newsletter service is currently read by over 17,000 people daily, making it one of the most popular Chinese daily newsbriefs available. 

Custom newsletters are the most efficient way to keep clients up-to-date on the daily events in China’s changing business climate. Whatever their industry or focus, we can design a circular that gives them everything they need to know when they get to the desk.

Sample newsletters:

We also produce bespoke content for clients who want to take their company’s image to the next level. With clients spanning business schools to the wellness industry, we leverage our decades of media experience to give firms unique content they can call their own, from white papers to regular publications. 

China is revolutionising the way many industries operate, through the combination of its enormous consumer base, deep integration of technology, and the opening up of its markets to foreign firms.

Whilst some industries are beginning to mature in the Chinese market, others are only just getting a foothold, and often find themselves unacquainted with the scale and idiosyncrasies of China, such as who the local players are and how business and the government interact.

We offer clients fast-response summaries of the latest official data releases and policy announcements, as well as bespoke or off-the-shelf reports on exciting areas of China’s modern market, including:

  • FMCG Market and the Role of Fintech in Retail                                            FREE
  • Competition in China’s Coffee Chain Industry                                             
  • Cars and the rise of EV                                                                                     
  • Hotels and Changing Travel Tastes                                                               
  • Baby Health and Nutrition Products                                                             
  • Laptops and Tablets                                                                                        

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Sample work:

You can’t do business in China without having feet on the ground, and that’s where we come in.

Grassroots experience with Chinese customers, corporate culture, and regulatory environment have never been more meaningful to the way a business performs in the world’s second largest economy.

CER Research can give business support and guidance on critical decisions that require deep expertise and an external, independent perspective. We help companies with:

    – Strategy development and planning: We use our research capabilities to help companies  build an informed and tailored strategy for tackling China, from market entry to operations expansion.

   – M&A and Investment opportunities: Foreign investors can find in China both rapidly growing sectors as well as areas where China houses industry leaders. We use our knowledge of market trends and company analysis to help international investors find and execute potential deals, develop portfolios, and advise on how to manage assets from overseas.

   – Risk advisory: with opportunity comes risk. We leverage our years of experience with China’s unique political-economic environment to help businesses identify key external risks to their goals and help them monitor risk levels over time.

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