March 29, 2023

CER Series: Faces of China

Faces of China is an ongoing interview series at China Economic Review, consciously modeled after the oral histories compiled by American journalist Studs Terkel and Chinese reporter Sang Ye. Each week we publish a new story from a new subject hailing from a different part of the country’s many social spheres and economic strata in order to provide readers with a variety of first-hand accounts of life in modern China.

Interviews are recorded, transcribed and translated; our questions are then removed and the answers pared down and arranged such that subjects can tell their own stories, in their own words. Subjects’ names remain undisclosed to encourage frank responses, the veracity of which we allow readers to judge for themselves.

Part I: The full-time mom

Part II: The island-born entrepreneur

Part III: The backpacking saleswoman

Part IV: [?]