China Economic Review

Kroger to sell products in China through Alibaba

US grocery chain Kroger Co. has teamed up with Alibaba Group to sell its products on one of the Chinese e-commerce giant’s online platforms, the Wall Street Journal reports, giving Kroger its first taste of foreign markets.

The supermarket will sell products from its Simple Truth line on Alibaba-owned Tmall Global, Kroger said on Tuesday. The first goods will be on sale from Wednesday, including dietary supplements and organic foodstuffs.

“Growing into the Chinese market is a huge opportunity for Kroger and we are really excited,” said Kroger’s CDO in an interview with the Journal.

Alibaba will also add the deal to its growing collection of international retail brand partners which use its online retail empire to tap into the Chinese market. In the past several years, Gap, Costco and Starbucks have all signed deals with the company.